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Retelit is a leading Italian provider of data and infrastructure services to the telecommunications market and has been listed on the Milan Stock Exchange since 2000, joining the STAR segment on September 26, 2016.

The company’s fiber optic infrastructure covers over 12,500 kilometers (equivalent to approx. 231,000 km of fiber-optic cables, of which 68,000 located in MAN), connecting 9 Metropolitan Area Network and 15 Data Centers across Italy.

The Retelit network also extends beyond Italy through a pan-European ring with PoP’s in Frankfurt and London. The company also reaches the main European telecommunications hubs, including Amsterdam and Paris. Retelit is a member of AAE-1 (Africa Asia Europe - 1), the submarine cable system connecting Europe to Asia through the Middle East, reaching 19 Countries, from Marseille to Hong Kong, owning a landing station in Bari. Since February 2017, the company has been part of the Open Hub Med project, a Sicilian Consortium for the Mediterranean Digital Telecommunications Node.

These valuable assets make Retelit a perfect technological partner for TLC and ICT operators and companies, providing on-demand a complete range of high-quality, reliable and secure solutions. 

Services range from ultra-broadband fiber optic internet connection to the Cloud and network and VPN services to colocation solutions, with over 10,500 square meters of equipped and secure fiber optic connected spaces, for the outsourcing of Data Center services and the satisfaction of disaster recovery and business continuity needs. 

Retelit’s Carrier Ethernet services are in addition Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) certified.