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Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

An innovative way to manage customer relationships from a business perspective

Incredible new opportunities exist for managing the business processes that impact customer relationships.

The CRM solution that PA EXPERTISE, a Retelit Group company specialized in Microsoft CRM, brings to the market is Microsoft Dynamics 365 articulated in the following macro-areas:

  • Dynamics 365 Marketing: for the management of marketing department processes and activities, such as the search for potential customers, both on-line (social, web-marketing, e-mail marketing, etc.) and off-line (trade fairs, customer events, etc.).
  • Dynamics 365 Sales: support for customer relations (appointment management, visit reports, competition mapping), negotiation (opportunity management, negotiating, pipeline, forecasting, etc.) and offer management.
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service: after-sales support for companies with one or more premises, with support operators and various contact channels for managing tickets (telephone, e-mail, website forms, social media, chat bots, live chat, etc.).
  • Dynamics 365 Field Service: for those managing troubleshooting, maintenance and other field interventions on customer premises installed products (machines, tools, lines, etc.), and, therefore, technicians, planning and intervention reports.

These solution areas are enhanced and supported by new Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Mixed Reality (Virtual Reality + Augmented Reality) features. These areas integrate with the Dynamics 365 platform via the following applications:

  • Dynamics 365 Sales Insights: artificial intelligence applied to sales to consistently identify the “best next step”.
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Insights: a platform that guarantees a “holistic” view of customers, using all transactional, observational and behavioural data in real time, with predefined connectors, to create constantly updated profiles for contacts and accounts, and unify data that defines customer identities by leveraging AI-powered and machine-learning suggestions.
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights: make more informed decisions and proactively improve customer satisfaction with AI-based insights that capture complete information on factors affecting the customer satisfaction index and facilitate the implementation of data-driven improvements, such as automatic case classification.
  • Dynamics 365 Remote Assist: mixed reality (virtual + augmented) platform usable via HoloLens or mobile app to support technicians or customers in the field during maintenance or troubleshooting.
  • Dynamics 365 Guides: leverages the HoloLens tool to accelerate the learning process, with mixed reality guides that provide step-by-step field instruction to support technicians and make them operational from the very first day of hiring.
  • Dynamics 365 Product Visualize: available in preview for iOS, sales reps can place a 3D digital twin of their product in their customer’s environment, allowing them to examine it via mixed reality as if it were a physical object in front of them.



Integration with Office 365 & User Experience


Integrability with other systems


Solidity, vision, product road map


Knowledge of CRM processes


Ability to develop and integrate not only with the CRM world, but also across customer information, ERP and departmental systems.
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