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Companies, customers, and colleagues work in new contexts and with different priorities. It is the designers' responsibility to respond to this change, supporting teams that find themselves unexpectedly required to change their working methods. 

Building a high-performance, cross-functional team requires a significant investment of time and resources and has a high failure rate, unless the team is able to “reinvent itself" to inject new ideas.

DesOps, or Design Operations, refers to a design approach inspired by the DevOps culture that combines the concepts of cultural change, collaboration and automation and brings design into the context of the software development lifecycle.

The model is designed with the customer as part of the SoW and on a contextsupport-specific basis. 

Activities that directly involve the customer and, where appropriate, many of its departments. A kind of “on-the-job training" is conducted for new processes, supporting the customer in its reorganization and transformation.

We provide multi-level support that guarantees comprehensive customer service. SLAs are defined on the basis of impact/size matrices and are classified from P5 to P0.

Since this is not Software Factory, the allocated budget may be increased and decreased. While the DesOPS cycle continues, maintenance mode is not applied.

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