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Application Performance Monitoring

Latest generation application performance monitoring

Retelit's Application Performance Monitoring (APM) differs from more traditional solutions in its real-time and real user experience analysis. The totality of transaction and of users, wherever and however they are connected, forms the basis for assessing the delivered service level. 

When an anomaly occurs, a top-down approach is used to immediately and easily identify the critical element in the entire service delivery chain. This solution is ideal for businesses whose core business requires the constant monitoring of all applications. 

Its use over time allows business to implement significant improvements ranging from increased productivity to reduced intervention times, thus strategically facilitating IT and business decisions. 

Retelit's Application Performance Monitoring platform can also be associated with value-added services such as: 
  • Synthetic Monitoring: a tool that allows synthetic execution of transactions with location and execution frequency selection to simulate typical customer journeys
  • User Experience Management (UEM): extends the concept of end-to-end business transaction management from within the data center to browser interactions at the user level
  • Deep Application Transaction Management: a solution that allows continuous monitoring of transactions delivered by heterogeneous applications (e.g. JAVA, .NET, PHP) 


    a single platform for the management of all types of application

    real-time analysis and self-learning capabilities

    user experience and internal process optimization