Data Center e Cloud

Virtual Data Center

The security of a data center, with all the advantages of the cloud and latest generation virtual servers

Retelit's Virtual Data Center solution offers all the physical security core business resources need, together with the flexibility of a cloud service and a consulting approach aimed at providing a tailor-made business solution. The VMWare virtualization platform based service guarantees the full autonomy of: 
  • computational and network resources
  • security and access resources
  • level 1 administration (power, reboot, operating system updates)
  • virtual machine templates
The demand from companies for independence in managing their business activities is a focal point of the service, along with enhanced data security, protection and performance, with replication on two separate data centers in Italy. Additional protection comes from the combination of the Virtual Data Center with Retelit’s Backup & Storage and Disaster Recovery services.

  • Security

    reliable technology and data centers
  • Autonomy

    self-managed virtual environment
  • Support

    always available expert assistance