Dark optical fiber along Italian backbones

Dark fiber for medium and large companies

Dark optical fiber is available along non-urban backbones and in the major urban areas of the Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN’s). The dark fiber is not equipped with the optoelectronic devices required for data transmission. Over long distances, the dark optical fibers are of the ITU-T G.655 (NZD - Non Zero Dispersion) standard, optimized for DWDM transmission. Within the Metropolitan Area Networks, on the other hand, the fibers are of the single-mode ITU-T G.652 standard. In order to light the optical fibers, Retelit can accommodate its customers’ optoelectronic equipment at its own sites distributed along the network. In particular, the service offers the granting of Indefeasible Right of Use (IRU) or rental of one or more optical fiber pairs. The optical fiber IRU ordinarily has a duration of 10-15 years, with maintenance for the whole period.