Optical fiber for businesses

Ultra-Broadband fiber connectivity

The digitalization of enterprises and new web-oriented businesses - for which transmission rates are critical - requires ever increasing bandwidth. In this scenario, Retelit, with its own fiber-optic infrastructure, is the ideal partner for businesses seeking to increase transmission bandwidth. Retelit offers a custom Ethernet fiber optic connection designed to meet customer requirements. The solution guarantees transparent Ethernet protocol transmission with high reliability and flexibility. The connection speed can be varied from 10Mbps to 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10Gbps). The network can feature various security and diversification modes and has 100% guaranteed bandwidth. A service suited to the implementation of latest generation network solutions free from technological constraints such as:
- Extended LAN
- Virtual Private Networks
- Ethernet IP transmission

  • Ultra-fast

    ultra-fast connection with dedicated bandwidth
  • Versatile

    configurable solution
  • Scalable

    bandwidth easily increased