Corporate VoIP solution

The latest telephony solution

The Retelit voice service has the same characteristics as an ordinary telephone network but uses latest generation Voice Over IP (VoIP) technology. VoIP, in combination with the Retelit fiber connection, guarantees quality and high performance at a competitive cost. The VoIP Gateway technology converts telephony traffic and transmits it over a data network, using all the advantages of high speed networking. The solution has been designed modularly to adapt to companies of all sizes and in line with current demand and existing technology already in use. The service features a digital telephony platform, which provides communication lines and the management via web of functionalities such as: 

- scalable and advantageous voice service
- access to services in both SIP trunk and standard analogue modes
- new number allocation and number portability
- additional services such as:
- call transfer
- online address book
- privacy management
- call log
- voicemail

  • Reliability

    solution with Retelit fiber
  • Efficiency

    comprehensive management capabilities
  • competitive

    competitive costs and rates