Retelit -


Thanks to cutting-edge Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence solutions, the Group is able to develop solutions that adapt immediately to each customer's business.

Chatbot solutions to support customer care in public or multi-agency transport, appointment management for health care, or mortgage and loan applications for the banking sector.

The introduction of Machine Learning and Deep Learning processes applied to data and email analysis can greatly improve the process of cataloguing and analysing customer data and documents.

Predictive analysis provided by IoT and IIoT sensor data makes it easier to predict faults or identify defective goods in quality control.

These are just some of the applications the Group has implemented for its customers.


Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence: architecture that integrates with all the most advanced AI technologies, evolving as they do.


Cutting-edge solutions such as Microsoft Azure AI, proprietary solutions such as MAIA, together with support applications such as Dynamics 365 Custom Insights or SAP, are capable of analyzing and large of data from different sources, creating estimates by imitating intelligent human behavior, and bringing together customer information from countless different databases.

We help companies gain business knowledge and insights that are difficult to obtain using traditional IT tools.

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