About Retelit

Group history


In acquiring PA Group, Retelit has become the only player in Italy able to offer integrated digital solutions

Retelit launches its first Italian Public Cloud solution and a marketplace with a range of solutions dedicated to Big Data and IoT, in partnership with Eurotech and Cyberoo

The Group network expands outside of Italy, reaching the US for the first time.


Retelit expanded its network, connecting the main European Internet Exchanges, diversifying international land and submarine routes and strengthening its presence in the Mediterranean region

New technologies and services rolled out: 200 Gbps doubling between Rome and Milan

Announced partnership with Huawei for the development of Multicloud services

Retelit extends the capillarity of the SD-WAN service by joining the NGENA alliance


Retelit develops its SD-WAN strategy for seamless and efficient management of private and Hybrid Clouds

New Cyber security offerings

Ready for Service of AAE-1 and first capacity being sold on the AAE-1 Cable System



Development of business market

New network infrastructure investment and development of new services

Opening of AAE-1 landing station in Bari



Change of governance, top management and Business Plan

New ICT competences, improving the Corporate and Public Sector offer

from 2012

Refocus on broadband services and ICT for operators


Retelit joins the AAE-1 Consortium

Extension of international coverage, addition of new services

Extension of services to enterprise and Public Sector markets


WiMax business unit sold to Linkem


Retelit acquires WiMAX license for North and Central Italy and launches wireless services for Clients

from 2005
to 2007


Retelit becomes one of the major Italian TLC Operators

Growing numbers of domestic and international Clients

Development of major International Defence TLC projects

Strong financial results



Repositioning on the market as an Infrastructure Operator

Financial restructuring


Construction of fiber optics for the backbone

8 metropolitan areas in the major cities and Data Centers

Listing on the Stock Exchange, MTA market

Network investments


Founded as e-via

Agreement with ANAS for the coverage of 48,000 km

National Telecommunications License