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SAP Professionals to re-engineer your business processes

PA ABS is the one-stop shop for companies looking to introduce solutions based on SAP, also offering consulting on application, system and workflow management for companies and public sector entities with verticalisation in the finance sector.


We are a SAP Service Partner and Channel Partner (VAR) for the resale of PCoE (Partner Center of Expertise) certified licences and SAP Qualified Partner Packaged Solutions for Ready2HARE (accelerator for conversion to SAP S/4 HANA) and 4HEALTH (ERP for the Healthcare sector) pre-packaged solutions.

We have extensive knowledge and experience of the technology behind SAP S/4HANA. With a team dedicated to software development, system and application integration, and business analytics (SAP Analytics Cloud), we carry out "greenfield" implementation and migration to SAP S/4HANA® through RISE with SAP.

We support enterprises and public sector entities seeking innovation through SAP ERP implementation and that wish to leverage SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), providing them with expert advice on process re-engineering and implementation of customised features designed to interact transparently with SAP environments.

We help businesses and public sector entities to improve their internal processes using SAP Build Process Automation technology, which enables them to automate processes and more manual and repetitive activities, improving the efficiency of business users who will be able to focus on more valuable tasks.


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We support our Customers in achieving their business objectives by adopting and implementing innovative ICT solutions tailored to and integrated with all business systems. We guide them through every project phase from consulting to design, from application development to systems and infrastructure management, from corrective and adaptive maintenance to performance monitoring. We also have leading experience in system & legacy application design, consulting and services.


Application and System Management

Multiplatform system services

Software Factory


Reselling licences (Red Hat, Trellix, Commvault)

(Red Hat, Trellix, Commvault)

Public Administration

With a verticalisation dedicated to the public sector, we offer solutions for the digitalisation of public administration processes and develop integrated platforms for the delivery of public services (/VBG/) in order to simplify processes, make relationships transparent, and facilitate real-time communication and information exchange between citizens, professionals, businesses, and PAs.



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Der größte Verbin-dungsknotenpunkt Italiens (Avalon Campus) und ein Ökosystem von Infrastruktur undPlattformen fürDigitalisierung The largestinterconnection hubin Italy (Avalon Campus) and an ecosystem ofinfrastructure andplatforms fordigitization Il più grande interconnection hub in Italia (Avalon Campus)e un ecosistema di infrasrrutture e piattaforme per la digitalizzazione Beratung für das Re-Engineering von Prozessen und die Implementierung von SAP-Lösungen Consultancyfor processreengineeringand implementationof SAP solutions Consulenza per la reingegnerizzazione dei processi e l’implementazione di soluzioni SAP Spezialisten für Microsoft-Lösungen, um Unternehmen einen Mehrwert zu verschaffen Specialists in Microsoft solutions to add value to the business of companies Specialisti nelle soluzioni Microsoft per dare valore al business delle aziende Marktführer für Telekommunikations- und Cloud-Dienste auf der Achse Mailand-München Leader for telecommunication and cloud services onthe Milan-Munich axis Leader per i servizi di telecomunicazione e cloud sull'asse Milano-Monaco Services für Betreiber und Unternehmen, die auf proprietären Plattformen und Infrastrukturen basieren Infrastructure and platform based services for Opertors and Companies Servizi basati su piattaforme e infrastrutture di proprietà per operatori e aziende