Retelit -

Tripoli's plan for Retelit's development

Il Sole 24 Ore
18 May 2014Media coverage

Interview to Faisel Gergab, the number one shareholder at the Libyan Post and Telecommunications speaks to us “The objective of the new Libya is to develop its economy based far more on services, and less on oil. The telecommunications and information technology sectors will play a significant role in this change”. Faisel Gergab, the number one at the Libyan Post and telecommunications company has a very clear strategy in mind: a technological revolution in the new post-Gheddafi Libya that will contribute to growing the economy («this sector already generates 4% of GDP»), improving «the quality of life» and turning Libya into the technology "access gate" between Europe and Africa. This is the most interesting aspect of this ambitious technological revolution, the New Deal for Libya, with a key role waiting to played by two Italian companies, Retelit and Sirti.

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