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Retelit: partner of Lptic for Libya digitalization plan

14 December 2020Media coverage

Retelit will be one of the operators involved in the Libya digitization plan. Libyan Government has ambitious projects in fiber and 5G and, through the Libyan Post, Telecommunications & IT Holding Company (LPTIC), the holding company of all the government's telecommunications investments (and Retelit shareholder with 14.7%), has involved its partner to discuss it during a two-day forum that took place in Tripoli on 13 and 14 December.

The Government's commitment is over a 5-year horizon, to bring an upgrade of infrastructures and digitize the country at the service of a new industry and a new attractive economy for foreign investments with an economic commitment of about 3 billion dollars.

Retelit CEO Federico Protto attended the forum with the managers of Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia, ZTE. Five projects to focus on. In addition to 5G, those in the fixed line where Retelit is directly involved: the creation in Libya of a more performing and optimized fiber optic network than the current one, the landing of submarine cables, terrestrial cables to create fiber connections with other African countries and a data center.
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