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Cloud in Italy, a new push for the change

26 June 2013News & Events
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Cloud & ICT as a service Observatory

The research, conducted as part of the third edition of the Cloud & ICT as a Service, which Retelit act as partner, analyzed the evolution of the ICT budget and related to the Cloud, both in the Private and Public market, on a representative sample of 201 large companies (with more than 250 employees) and 507 SMEs, the analysis showed an increase of budget for the Cloud greater than the ICT one, which undergoes a contraction. In 2013 the Cloud market in Italy, due to this trend, has reached a value of € 493 million and showed an increase of 11% compared to 2012. Large companies are in particular covering 95% of the total recording a growth rate similar to the entire sector. In SME sector there was a posted growth of 16%. This is one of the main research data presented at the conference "Cloud Journey: a possible change" organized by the School of Management of Polytechnic of Milan. According to those results, therefore, Cloud in Italy is growing, however less than in other European countries. Anyway there are margins representing 3% of the total market.
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