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Retelit open new point of presence in Frankfurt

15 July 2013News & Events
Retelit -

Expanding its own network and ultra-broadband services internationally

As announced in the business plan recently launched, Retelit expand its strategic points of presence by opening a new international POP in Frankfurt that will act as a new access node for the provision of traditional transmission services, Ethernet services and MPLS VPN. A high-capacity and differentiated ring (10 GBit per second) connects the new node located in one of the most important and strategic data centers in Europe: Equinix in 90 Kleyerstrasse, Frankfurt. Retelit offer will be accessible to all operators collocated in Equinix, therefore, the opportunity to offer transmission for Italian destinations will be available to International customers. Equinix is currently one of the major interchange points for European data traffic. "The constant demand of ultra-broadband services from our Italian and International customer has led us to expand our network and increase points of access to the most advanced Retelit network services - said Enrico Mondo, Retelit General Manager -" Thanks to the new point of presence, Retelit will improve its own Internet service quality connecting to DE-CIX, Frankfurt "Internet Exchange", exchanging traffic through "peering" with the major Internet operators and content distributors.
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