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Retelit at iCU '17 event in Frankfurt

31 August 2017News & Events
Retelit -

5-6 September | Jumeirah Hotel - Join us during the panel discussion "The emergence of artificial intelligence and its impact on submarine cables" (5 September 2017 at 14.00)

iCU'17 Frankfurt is an executive-level networking event where the decision makers of service providers, data center/solo operators and vendors meet investor and tech company innovators to network and close business. Over two full days of conferences with the industry experts discussing about the latest trends in the telco market. Join us during the event and meet our CEO, Federico Protto, during the panel discussion "The emergerce of AI & its impact on submarine cables". With Eric Handa (APTelecom), Nigel Bayliff (Aqua Comms), Javier Hèctor Lloret (BICS), Fergus Innes (ii Group), Federico Protto will discuss about the role of the content providers in the submarine scenario: as content providers continue to expand their reach by installing caches and nodes within each region, what will this meas for carrier and the submarine cable industry? It appears the legacy requirement for carrier and others to get to key internet hubs will dimish, therefore reducing locally where practical to provide a much better user experience by being as close as possibile to the 'eyeballs' they serve. This also gives them greater control over the end to end service they offer, with less reliance on third party infrastructure. We have gone from an environment where the telecom operators controlled this space, to a new breed of dominant player, the content providers. With the emergene of AI machine to machine computing and IoT, we can expect this evolution of changing client base on submarine cables to continue. The question is, who will be the major users of these cables? Will it continue to be the content providers? Will it revert to the telecom operators again, or will be a new breed of submarine cable customer that provides application to users in order to make use of the data being captured and transmitted by machine to machine activity?
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