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30 November 2019News & Events

We are pleased to announce that we signed an agreement with TEXSOL, a company with proven technical expertise, which for years has been distributing on the Pakistani market machinery of the most renowned manufacturers and which will add to its offer just mes: a system designed specifically to improve the performance of the Textile & Fashion sector.

Up Solutions, owner of "just mes" software, has signed a partnership with Texsol, an important provider of high-tech machinery for the textile sector supplied by international manufacturers. The Italian company currently counts 160 installations in 30 countries around the world and the agreement with this important player in the Pakistani market will allow them to pursue their internationalization strategy, reaching important realities in the Textile & Apparel world, which we know is the driving sector of this Country (it represents over 60% of total exports and 46% of gross domestic product; in addition, Pakistan is the eighth largest Asian exporter of textile products).

Davide Giustina, Up Solutions’ CEO, comments: "In view of the expansion of our partner channel we are extremely pleased to start a collaboration with Texsol in one of the most important markets in the world for the textile/clothing sector. The planned plan is absolutely ambitious but we are sure we can also gain a leadership position in the Pakistani market, together with Texsol, to help companies in digital transformation".

Ather Sajjad, Texsol IT Manager, added: "This operation represents a fundamental step for the growth of Texsol's offering as, starting from now, we will have the opportunity to enrich our portfolio with a MES system studied “ad hoc” for the textile sector. This innovative tool will surely bring significant improvements in our customers’ production performance".

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