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12 March 2020 - 18:02News & Events
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Following the Decree of the Prime Minister which orders urgent measures to contain the contagion from Coronavirus throughout Italy, IRIDEOS is adopting all the necessary procedures to rigorously comply with the legislative provisions and in general to protect the health of our employees, our suppliers and our Customers.

We leveraged on the technologies that we master and that are the heart of our work, and we have organized ourselves to carry out most of the activities remotely, ensuring the constant monitoring of our Customers and the continuity of all our work processes, from Customer Support to Operations to Sales.

However, we cannot exclude that, despite the sense of responsibility shared by all of our suppliers, the delivery of some services could suffer some delays as compared to what expected. We assure you that we will do everything in our power to guarantee that you services are delivered as faster as possible. In any case, we will keep you constantly informed and we are ready to welcome any of your notice or particular needs through our Customer Service on 800 585 383.

At the same time, we are concentrating our energies so that the operational supervision is always guaranteed in all of our Data Centers and especially in Avalon Campus in Milan, the heart of the Italian Internet, on which today rely the operations of many companies, the school continuity for many students and many essential services for the citizens.

We therefore also appeal to your sense of responsibility and ask you to help us, as far as possible, by limiting your visits to Avalon Campus, and to each of our Data Centers in Rome, Trento and Verona, only for urgent and non-deferrable interventions.

We all hope that this difficult period will pass quickly. In the meantime, we inform you that to report any critical issue or for new service requests, we setup a dedicated email address  that you can use in addition to your usual contact points.

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