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Up Solutions enters the Indian market by signing an agreement with Themis Automation

13 March 2020News & Events

suprabhaat bhaarat! Good morning, India!

Up Solutions (Retelit Group) is happy to announce that Themis Automation, an Indian company that has been providing technical consultancy and automation solutions from prestigious international suppliers for years, has joined its ranks of partners and will be responsible for the local distribution and implementation of just mes software.

The year 2020 starts in a positive way for Up Solutions (Retelit group), which has signed a new partnership agreement to serve another important Country with a manufacturing vocation in the Asian market: India. The new partner, Themis Automation, has been providing consultancy and automation products from important international suppliers for years.

Up Solutions and Themis, together, will provide companies in the manufacturing sector with the just mes system, as well as their skills and expertise, to help them in the digitization and optimization of their production processes. The Italian company will aim to add new names to its customer portfolio and Themis will be able to add to its offering a specific product for the manufacturing market, already used by 160 companies in more than 30 countries around the world.

The thought of Davide Giustina, CEO of Up Solutions: "Knowing the potential Indian companies, we are delighted to have reached a new agreement with a successful local partner like Themis Automation, active in the field of consulting and implementation for industrial automation projects. We are confident that by combining the skills and experience of our teams, we can achieve significant success and work on ambitious projects".

Bhavesh Desai, Director of Themis Automation, says: "We are pleased with this union with Up Solutions which gives us the opportunity to bring to the Indian market a targeted solution for the digitalization of companies in the manufacturing sector, which occupy an important position in the economy of our country and whose production process are often very complex to monitor. We expect to manage important projects together and achieve great results".

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