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Retelit's API's obtain MEF LSO Dolly Certification

29 February 2024Press releases
Retelit -

The Retelit Group is the first Italian company to be certified with the latest MEF Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) Dolly release, while globally it is the third company. The certifications confirm the meeting of the highest international standards by the Group's network services and prove that the sales processes meet the most stringent specifications.

With MEF LSO Dolly certification, Retelit's API’s once again demonstrate compliance with the highest industry standards by introducing numerous improvements to the framework.

In 2022, Retelit obtained the MEF LSO Sonata certification. With the upgrade to the MEF LSO Dolly release, the Group increases the business-to-business transaction automation of its connectivity services by improving their functionality and the ability to place orders, report problems and manage billing.
The certified platform enables Large and Global Carriers to independently undertake quoting, pricing and ordering processes by accessing Retelit's network coverage and pricing services (Ethernet, DIA).

Retelit has always been attentive to the needs of the market, which, under the current framework, requires digital service providers to think about scalable solutions quickly and efficiently. The Group always works on the quality of its services and considers certifications as a key step to ensure a quicker time-to-market. Not surprisingly, the Retelit Group is the first Italian company to obtain the MEF 3.0 LSO Dolly certification. Globally, only two other companies have achieved certification.

Mimmo Zappi, CCO of the Retelit Group, stated "Our work and services continue to follow the highest industry standards - we are proud to be among the very few globally with MEF LSO Dolly certification. We are pursuing substantial strategic investments in the development of our infrastructure and network services: this certification confirms us as pioneers in meeting the challenges of our market, having the best tools to drive digital transformation, innovation and automation."

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