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Direct Cloud 4 Azure ExpressRoute

Retelit DirectCloud for Azure ExpressRoute reliably and securely connects Data Centers or corporate data rooms to the Azure platform

Retelit DirectCloud is the private and reliable highway between Italian enterprises and the Cloud, such as the Microsoft Azure platform, for which a new meet-me point is available in Milan, Italy.

Thanks to the collaboration with Microsoft, Retelit DirectCloud for Azure ExpressRoute reliably and securely connects Data Centers or corporate data rooms to the Azure platform, with connections of between 50Mbps to 10Gbps. Retelit’s DirectCloud is engineered according to the same architectural principles as Microsoft. DirectCloud therefore provides a primary and secondary connection between ExpressRoute and the enterprise’s on-premise resources.
Retelit pre-sales experts can design the best solution to connect enterprises to Azure based on the profile and bandwidth chosen on Azure ExpressRoute and create DirectCloud interconnections as Ethernet level 2 private circuits or IP level 3 private circuits.
If you have chosen the Retelit DirectCloud private connection as a level 2 Ethernet VPN, accept the Retelit DirectCloud business proposal for Azure ExpressRoute and from the Azure administration portal create an Expressroute circuit, choosing Retelit Digital Services as provider and Milan as the peering location.
From this point on, you can follow all stages of the interconnection between your enterprise and Azure directly from your tenant Azure. Our Customer Service team will contact you to arrange a release date at your location for Retelit DirectCloud equipment and connections. Connect your routers to the switches on the ports that will be indicated to you and finish configuring your Vnet and BGP private peering and make the most of your new DirectCloud private connection, which does not pass through the Internet.
If you don't want to deal with BGP and routing protocols, Retelit DirectCloud can be configured as a level 3 IP VPN. As part of the package, Retelit will provide you with the most suitable routers for the required bandwidth, the best connection design, private IP addressing and will configure and maintain DirectCloud for Azure ExpressRoute for you, to create the private connection to Azure ExpressRoute that best matches your needs - for example by optimizing BGP announcements and redundancy strategies.
Business Digital Transformation is easier with Retelit for Azure ExpressRoute.