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Security and speed for your phisical infrastructure in Italy

Retelit’s optical fiber infrastructure includes a network of 35 Data Centers (34 across Italy and 1 in Innsbruck). Highly customizable in terms of space and solutions, Retelit’s Data Centers offer advanced technology housing and colocation capabilities.

The facilities are equipped with dual access optical fiber, air conditioning systems and redundant electrical protection systems, which guarantee the absolute continuity of service in the case of faults and unforeseen circumstances. Retelit also places particular emphasis on the physical security of the spaces, with entry control systems only allowing access to the rooms on the basis of specific needs. Anti-intrusion alarms and digital closed-circuit room surveillance systems are manned by trained technical personnel 24 hours a day, every day.

To further guarantee security and safety, sophisticated and cutting-edge fire-prevention systems allow quick identification of the origin of any smoke and prompt intervention. Additionally, raised flooring and special sensors make Retelit Data Centers even more secure, even in the case of flooding.

Retelit's Data Centers located, 34 in Italy and 1 in Innsbruck, and equipped with technologies suitable for hosting the latest generation of equipment, offer high standards of quality and safety. 

All solutions include dual fiber-optic access, a range of different spaces and redundant air conditioning and electrical protection systems. A wide range of services that allows companies to choose the one which best serves their needs. 

Colocation services include the rental of spaces within Retelit Data Centers or those of its Partners. Data Centers are equipped with the technologies which will most safely host the Customer's equipment. Data Centers are present in the major Italian cities involved in Retelit’s infrastructure.

As well as space, in some Data Centers Retelit provides a range of support services such as first level maintenance (e.g. power on/off and software reset functionalities, etc.), Remote Hands & Eyes and logistics services.



34 in Italy 1 in Austria

12,500 m2

of equipped space


between Rack, Cabinet, Cage an Choosed Suite with value-added services and proactive Customer Care.


Adaptable to varying needs, with solutions payable as a lump sum, by consumption, or as part of a plan. Redundant systems to ensure continuous, uninterrupted operation.


ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 and ISO 2000-1, as well as the M&O Stamp of Approval from Uptime Institute for the Udine DC and Tier IV for the Bolzano DC. GDPR compliant.


Advanced fire protection and anti-intrusion systems connected to a central control system and monitored 24 hours a day by the NOC. Monitoring of the operating parameters of remote sensing systems.
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