Retelit -


International fiber optic connectivity beyond borders

Together with 19 of the major global telecommunications operators, Retelit has constructed the AAE-1 latest generation submarine cable system connecting Europe to the Far East by way of Africa, the Gulf countries and South Asia. The cable ensures the connection of all major countries of Asia, Africa and Europe by connecting each point to the major telecommunications gateways from Marseille to Hong Kong and Singapore.

Retelit’s network extends also through US, reaching some of the most important emergent markets in the world. Thanks to our infrastructure, connecting 4 Continents, we can offer a wide range of connectivity solutions with 100% garanteed bandwinth at the lowest latency, supporting our client’s mission critical applications

Retelit -


25.000 KM

of subsea cable system


in Europe, Asia, USA


Our infrastructure network connects Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, US


Retelit is part of ngena (Next Generation Enterprise Network Alliance) to deliver global SD-WAN services
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