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An intelligent, agile, way to manage your networks

SD-WAN is the most innovative approach to building next-generation geographic private networks - both nationally and internationally - that are easy to manage, feature-rich, and which provide extensive analytical information on application traffic flows. This is the new face of the VPN, a step forward from any previous technology, created to allow native communication with Cloud-based services.

Zero touch Provisioning for customer home configuration offers advanced network management features and is, above all, application-aware.

Designed for customers who require a fully managed service and an intelligent network capable of monitoring the software applications used within the network itself, providing more efficient and autonomous service management.

In implementing Retelit’s SD-WAN, we have chosen the market’s best technology partners: Nokia Nuage and Cisco. Thanks to the Dedicated Portal, customers can view and configure their SD-WAN independently and in real time. 



Ensures network extension, service quality and security even on public and private Clouds


For National and International networks
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