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Microsoft IoT Solutions for Industry 4.0

Retelit is the right partner to support companies in smart innovation processes.

Thanks to our IoT solutions, real-time monitoring of machinery can be carried out in the manufacturing industry and many other sectors. Using PLCs installed on machines, operational and production status can be fully monitored at any time and from anywhere, helping companies to eliminate downtime and carry out predictive maintenance, providing significant time and cost savings.

Our detailed understanding of our customers’ core processes and applications allows our teams of experts to take full advantage of the capabilities of IoT sensors combined with data analysis and artificial intelligence to better support customer productivity.


Collect and analyse data from your machinery with specific sensors (measure energy consumption, temperatures and pressures, speeds, and any physical quantity that can be measured within the production cycle).

iDaq Analytics enables:

  • real-time monitoring, to keep track of process variables and plant status
  • energy management, to monitor and optimise energy consumption
  • predictive maintenance, to improve maintenance efficiency and effectiveness
  • alerting, to detect anomalies and anticipate potential production stoppages

Retelit -
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