Retelit -

IoT solutions for Industry 4.0

By combining consultancy, technology and methodologies, Retelit is the ideal partner to support companies in their smart innovation processes and in the development of IoT and IIoT (Internet Of Things and Industrial Internet of Things) and highly engineered Industry 4.0 services.

With the support of a hybrid platform that adapts to the customer’s needs, our team of experts is able to guarantee the best use of the market’s leading IoT platforms, such as Azure IoT, AWS IoT, SAP and Retelit Multicloud.

Thanks to solutions such as Microsoft Azure IoT, SAP and strategic partners, real-time monitoring of machinery can be carried out in the manufacturing industry and many other sectors. Using PLCs installed on machines, operational and production status can be fully monitored at any time and from anywhere, helping companies to eliminate downtime and carry out predictive maintenance, providing significant time and cost savings.

Our detailed understanding of our customers' core processes and applications allows our teams of experts to take full advantage of the capabilities of IoT sensors and Analytics to better support customer productivity.



a multicloud platform capable of supporting various types of applications and implementations


able to manage entire implementation chain


every detail of every IoT and IIoT project is defined with the customer


twenty years of experience in the Manufacturing, Fashion, Automotive and Public Sector markets


thanks to our solutions we are able to manage the full extent of the customer’s IoT solution, from sensors and application design to artificial intelligence for predictive analysis
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