Retelit -

Cyber Security

A complete, modulable suite for 360° information security.

Retelit sets out to guarantee complete security for your business, starting with perimeter protection and extending to new, agile working methods (remote working).
To achieve this, it provides a range of services from Managed Firewalls to the most advanced Cyber Security Intelligence systems.

The suite comprises:

  • Perimeter security
    Designed for businesses seeking to autonomously manage their network defences. The service is provided either through the cloud or on-premises and uses Firewall systems.

  • DDos Mitigation
    Identifies anomalous traffic flows compared to baseline levels on the customer’s network in order to establish whether such changes are within acceptable an range or represent the early stages of an attack, which can then be swiftly mitigated.

  • Email Security
    An integrated solution for email security, offering advanced, cloud-based protection for email platforms.

  • Cyber Security Intelligence e Cypeer
    Cyber Security Intelligence (CSI) is based on the collection and analysis of data obtained from the deep and dark webs, and is designed to provide an external view of cyber security threats to the customer. Cypeer, on the other hand, brings together and correlates events, whether or not these are part of security systems, providing a notification service that proactively reports situations that pose risks to IT data and system security.

  • Managed Security Services
    Designed to manage and ensure the efficiency of service area systems. Analyse and rapidly resolve any issues. Enable the customer to implement an ongoing Continuous Improvement process.





Security strategies integrated into the business context


Increased awareness in risk management


Thanks to specialized personnel we guarantee customized solutions
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