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All the benefits of a platform that brings together data, analytics, application development, automation and AI.

SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) is a platform that brings together, within a unified SAP environment, all the components require to enhance or build from scratch applications that businesses can use to:

  • Expand the reach of ERPs such as SAP S/4HANA
  • Meet the requirements of even highly verticalised functions within specific projects

All of this is possible thanks to SAP BTP's ability to bring together into a single solution inputs that come from different worlds but which are intended to work together, including

  • Natural Language
  • Internet of Things
  • Application Management
  • Machine Learning
  • Integration Suite

enabling the rapid creation of next-generation applications.


Customised experiences

for SAP applications

Analysis of previously contextualized

and interpreted data from SAP applications

Implementation within a mission-critical cloud environment

managed by SAP

Reduction of maintenance

Total interoperability

with existing IT infrastructure

Integrated Services in SAP BTP

SAP Analytics Cloud - Plan and analyse data integrated with SAP applications and easily access heterogeneous data sources

In addition to traditional business intelligence, reporting, dashboarding, planning, and budgeting systems, we provide Self Service and Data Discovery analysis solutions, predictive analytics, data modelling, and data mining that enable the relationships between data, trends, and anomalies to be identified.

Thanks to the insights gained with these tools, customers can achieve a competitive advantage in understanding their business environment as they are able to anticipate and adapt ahead of market changes.

Our Business Analytics activities are supported by SAP Analytics Cloud, the SAP BTP solution for analytics and planning which supports reliable information and enterprise-wide processes of integrated planning and supports customers in promoting agile decision-making.

SAP Build Process Automation - Automate business processes quickly and easily

Robotic Process Automation is a productivity tool to automate specific actions by using a bot that emulates human activities within a business process.
RPA projects begin by observing operator behaviour and then accessing different systems with their own credentials, acquiring and transferring data, and performing calculations and transactions quickly and reliably.


Reduced costs and time

for SAP applications

24/7 operation

Fewer errors

and maximum transparency

Rapid ROI

Retraining of employees

for higher value-added activities
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