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Ultrabroadband fibre for companies

Property infrastructures, 20 years of experience in the construction and management of fiber-optic networks

The processes of digitalisation of companies and new web-oriented businesses based on transmission speed, require an ever-increasing increase in bandwidth.
In this scenario, Retelit, with its fibre optic infrastructure, is the ideal partner for the companies that need an increase in transmission bandwidth.

Retelit offers a customised fibre optic connection service on Ethernet protocol, designed according to the customer's needs. The offer is geared to guaranteeing high reliability and flexibility and consists of transparent transport of the Ethernet protocol. The connection speed is scalable and can range from 10Mbps up to 10GigabitEthernet (10Gbps). The circuit can have different protection and diversification modes and the bandwidth is 100% guaranteed.

A service suitable for implementing new generation network solutions without technological constraints such as:

  • extended LAN
  • virtual private networks
  • ethernet transport of IP protocol

Retelit Accredited Connectivity Parter of Borsa Italiana

From 1 January 2016 Borsa Italiana has established that its connectivity service, for the physical infrastructure part, can also be used by third parties, provided they are accredited and included in the Accredited Connectivity Partner (ACP) program. Thanks to the service standards provided and its infrastructure, Retelit has qualified as ACP and now can provide its direct and dedicated connectivity services to all interested companies and to the Service Centers in the sector, providing a ring circuit with WDM transport:

  • Single (not redundant): direct connection between the customer headquarters and the primary stock exchange datacenter with connection speed from 2 Mb to 1 Gb;
  • Double (redundant): direct connection between the customer headquarters and the Datacenters of Borsa Italiana (primary and secondary) with connection speeds from 2 Mb to 1 Gb.

The Group's fibre infrastructure

Modern, flexible, scalable and technologically advanced, Retelit's proprietary fibre optic network represents its strength and distinctive value. With an extension of over 16,000 kilometres (equal to approximately 320,000 kilometres of fibre optic cable), 12 metropolitan networks (MANs) and more than 4,000 on-net sites, Retelit's proprietary network in Italy runs along the main state, provincial and municipal roads, touching the main Italian cities and covering all the main national catchment areas in terms of population and volume of economic activity.
Retelit's network extends beyond national borders with a pan-European ring with PoPs in Frankfurt and London and an international presence that reaches 19 countries, from Marseille to Hong Kong, thanks to its participation in AAE-1, the submarine cable that connects the Europe to Asia via the Middle East. Thanks to its proprietary infrastructure, Retelit provides direct high-capacity connectivity services, broadband and ultra-broadband data transmission and allows the creation of private IP and Ethernet networks and the provision of Internet connectivity. Retelit has installed optical fiber Metropolitan Area Networks in Bologna, Milan, Modena, Naples, Padua, Reggio Emilia, Rome, Turin, Brescia, Genoa, Treviso, Udine, Verona and Bari, including a landing station for the AAE-1 submarine cable. In their path, the MANs also connect some of the most important technological and industrial poles and the headquarters of telecommunications operators.

Retelit’s proprietary fiber-optic network is its distinguishing feature, running along 12,500km of national, provincial and municipal roads in Italy, connecting the country’s cities and covering the peninsula’s most populated areas. Its structure and rings guarantee multiple, differentiated and redundant routes, ensuring security and reliability. 

Retelit provides operators with its dark fiber infrastructure through contracts that grant the right of use/rent of fiber pairs or, alternatively, the point-to-point Spectrum Service. This allows customers to choose two nodes of the Retelit DWDM Network and indicate how many wavelengths they require.

To "light up" the fiber, Retelit offers colocation services to host customer equipment at its sites across its proprietary network. Maintenance is provided for the duration of the concession or rental of one or more optic fiber pairs.

The Retelit Spectrum is the ideal tool to create a long distance high capacity network which does not require activation and management using its equipment. It is based on the Group's 20-year experience in long-distance land and submarine networks.

Spectrum Lambda are available in packages of 1, 2, 5 or 10 wavelengths. Retelit provides the required amplification for transmission



wide national coverage provided by a fiber-optic network that extends along the main Italian state roads


thanks to long-term right of use/leasing contracts for fiber pairs


the Spectrum is available in both fully managed and unmanaged modes


thanks to multiple, differentiated and redundant routes
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