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Property infrastructures, 20 years of experience in the construction and management of fiber-optic networks

Retelit’s proprietary fiber-optic network is its distinguishing feature, running along 12,500km of national, provincial and municipal roads in Italy, connecting the country’s cities and covering the peninsula’s most populated areas. Its structure and rings guarantee multiple, differentiated and redundant routes, ensuring security and reliability. 

Retelit provides operators with its dark fiber infrastructure through contracts that grant the right of use/rent of fiber pairs or, alternatively, the point-to-point Spectrum Service. This allows customers to choose two nodes of the Retelit DWDM Network and indicate how many wavelengths they require.

To "light up" the fiber, Retelit offers colocation services to host customer equipment at its sites across its proprietary network. Maintenance is provided for the duration of the concession or rental of one or more optic fiber pairs.

The Retelit Spectrum is the ideal tool to create a long distance high capacity network which does not require activation and management using its equipment. It is based on the Group's 20-year experience in long-distance land and submarine networks.

Spectrum Lambda are available in packages of 1, 2, 5 or 10 wavelengths. Retelit provides the required amplification for transmission



wide national coverage provided by a fiber-optic network that extends along the main Italian state roads


thanks to long-term right of use/leasing contracts for fiber pairs


the Spectrum is available in both fully managed and unmanaged modes


thanks to multiple, differentiated and redundant routes
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