Retelit -

We are looking for

You love your job, technology and all the innovative things
You explore all the options and you always find the solution
You are always looking for the "big idea" and go beyond the box
You persevere through the hardships until the job is done, and done right. It excites you to get results and you always aim for excellence in what you do.
You do not wait to be told what to do and you are ready to 'get your hands dirty' with everything the team needs to be successful.
You manage to perfectly reconcile the quality of work with the lead times because you know that, when doing things in a competitive world, speed is as important as quality.
You are ready to take on great responsibilities but you have the intelligence to manage even more operational activities
Hold up the challenge that continuous business transformation imposes. Experience change as a stimulus and an opportunity for growth
You seek feedback from your colleagues and know how to treasure their suggestions.

We offer

You will have the opportunity to learn from (and teach to) some of the brightest and most skilled people you have ever met
We use the best and most modern tools and technologies and, when they do not meet our expectations, we invent our own
We develop our solutions for large enterprises, big players and launch our initiatives
major new technologies and test promising ones to make sure we don't miss opportunities to boost our productivity and job satisfaction
We have an 'almost zero' hierarchy and a very smart work environment
Our clients speak English and are based both in Italy and in other countries around the world