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Retelit Cloud Storage Security Key

22 July 2015Press releases

Retelit adds a new function to its Cloud Storage service: Using Quantec technology and with the support of Partner Data, the information can be encrypted and kept secure with IndependenceKey.

A partnership will promote the adoption of Cloud Storage Security, a system designed to protect cloud-stored data and securely transfer the digital information contained in computers. Using IndependenceKey, a USB device produced by the Swiss company Quantec and distributed in Italy by Partner Data, customers who choose Retelit’s Cloud Storage will be able to encrypt, transfer and share their files in a secure and confidential manner. On the one hand, the integrated IndependenceKey system generates a private area for storing information in the internal hard drive, and on the other it allows users to operate the Cloud Storage system at the highest level of reliability. In this way, Retelit enhances the security of its Cloud Storage service by adopting the first and most innovative portable encryption device in the world, equipped with the most advanced security technology and able to protect data wherever they are. "With this new function, today our Cloud Storage service offer is fully usable by all Italian businesses and industries, regardless of connection or location,” explained Giuseppe Sini, Chief Commercial Officer of Retelit. Physical distance from our network is no longer a constraint for the use of our services: our offer is now easily and securily accessible also from a public Internet network and using mobile devices”. IndependenceKey provides maximum security by making cloud-stored documents inviolable and unassailable from the outside through the generation, within a dedicated chip, of encryption keys that are always recoverable and secure. “Choosing Retelit’s Cloud with the integrated security of IndependenceKey,” said Federico Protto, Chief Executive Officer of Retelit, “means adopting for your business a cutting-edge security technology that provides maximum protection. It means rethinking your corporate systems in a persective of safe and reliable sharing, encrypting your information instantly and transparently without slowing down your normal work flows.
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