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The IRINA agreement allows Retelit to support IBM in customer response times

18 July 2016Press releases
Retelit -

Retelit, already supplying IBM with highly-reliable disaster recovery and business continuity telecommunications services, has stipulated an agreement with the company to speed up the pre-sale and purchase of services.

Already chosen for its range of ICT services, today, thanks to the IRINA (IBM Retelit Integrated Network Agreement), Retelit is ready to meet IBM's demands in terms of speed of response and performance. The agreement between the two companies guarantees IBM considerably quicker customer response times, thanks to a preliminary network coverage verification system and an SLA designed to comply with the strict requirements made of disaster recovery and business continuity solutions. IRINA, which once again shows the collaboration between the Italian infrastructures and data services operator and IBM, confirms the great potential of the Retelit infrastructure and makes further use of the company as one of the main players of reference for the ICT and TLC market. Thanks, in fact, to its capillary network stretching throughout Italian territory and the continuous investments in infrastructures, Retelit offers the market undisputed advantages in terms of maximising cover and flexibility of telecommunications services offered. “The IRINA agreement”, Federico Protto, Retelit’s Chief Executive Officer and General Manager comments, “strengthens and consolidates the connection between Retelit and IBM. Speed of response in the formulation of offers, rapid lead terms and a streamlined application process have always been our hallmark features, synonymous of a flexible structure and ready to adapt to meet the needs of our customers in terms of performance and guaranteed result”.
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