Retelit -

Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting of April 27, 2017

28 March 2017Price sensitive | Press releases

Document publication notice

The Board of Directors of Retelit S.p.A. has called the Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting in single call for April 27, 2017, at 3PM, at Piazza Mercanti 2 - “Palazzo Giureconsulti” in Milan. The full version of the Shareholders’ Meeting call notice, in addition to the call notice extract published today in the "Italia Oggi” newspaper, are available at the registered office and on the Company website (Corporate Governance/Shareholders’ Meetings section). The reports of the Board of Directors containing the full text of the proposals to be considered and the additional Shareholders’ Meeting documentation required by applicable regulations, including the Annual Report, will be made available in accordance with law at the registered office, on the Company website (Corporate Governance/Shareholders’ Meetings section) and on the “1info” authorised storage mechanism.
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