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Comprehensive solution encompassing Network, Cloud, Data Center and Security designed by Retelit for the San Donato Hospital Group Italy's largest hospital group

22 May 2018 - 08:05Price sensitive | Press releases
Retelit -

Retelit has been chosen by the San Donato hospital Group, Italy’s largest hospital Group, as exclusive supplier and partner for the development of an integrated solution to upgrade and develop its ICT systems.

The Italian operator has designed for the Group a tailor-made solution: a comprehensive range of services including a VPLS-MPLS network for numerous offices, low latency and very high capacity connections to align and replicate systems at Data Centers, guaranteed very high capacity internet access, Application Performance Management (APM), connectivity to the public Cloud and provision of a firewall for perimeter security. The six-year contract has a total value of approx. Euro 11 million. It is key within the healthcare sector to optimise the management of services and of the business. Efficiencies will be generated for the 18 San Donato Hospital Group hospitals, effectively improving the quality of life and health of patients. For this reason, Retelit, employing a consultancy-based approach, has designed an entirely tailor-made solution based on solid, highly-performing and secure infrastructure, while also developing a range of new technological services for the development and monitoring of business related applications and the protection of the business and patients. “We are proud to serve such an important company as the San Donato Group, whose focus on adopting new digital technologies places it at the cutting edge of its sector”, stated Federico Protto, Chief Executive Officer of Retelit. “The project is testament to Retelit’s growth on the business segment. Strong performances are also evident in our quarterly results, which for the enterprise sector reported 35% revenue growth”. The network solution for the San Donato hospital Group specifically connects 50 offices and three Data Centers in Italy with fully redundant equipment, diversified paths and fiber optic rings connecting the central offices, the peripheral offices and the Data Centers, in addition to guaranteed 10 Gbps connectivity. Retelit has added an Application Performance Monitoring 360° solution to its telecommunication and network services. The objective is to ensure maximum efficiency of the business and of the operations of the individual healthcare hubs through monitoring applications and proactively flagging possible cases requiring specific attention, for example to optimise productivity or the customer experience. The San Donato hospital Group is also directly connected to the main suppliers of Public Cloud services in the world through the Retelit Cloud Connect solution, a safe and fast connection developed through the MPLS network or the Carrier Ethernet protocol. This solution for the San Donato Group has a particular advantage in managing services in a simplified manner thanks to a single supplier. The Data Centers are also at the core of the offer, connected through fiber optics and housing the customers equipment and the remote backup equipment, with service availability of close to 100%. Founded in 1957, the San Donato hospital Group is today among the leading European hospital Groups and the largest in Italy. It has 18 hospitals, of which 3 IRCCS (San Donato Polyclinic, San Raffaele Hospital and the Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute), for a total of 5,069 beds and 5,246 doctors. It takes care of more than 4.3 million patients per year, across all specialties. Cardio Surgical, Cardiology, Vascular Surgery, Neurosurgery, Orthopedics and Obesity Care. In addition to clinical excellence, the quality of university teaching and scientific research sets the Group apart in Europe: 308 university teachers, 2,976 students, 539 postgraduates, 1,600 scientific publications per year. In summary, SDH is a symbol of excellence in Italian healthcare.
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