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Incas SSI SCHÄFER Group partners with Retelit for the digital factory of its customers in the weaving sector

31 January 2023Press releases
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Incas SSI SCHAEFER, a company that specialises in the design and implementation of complete, integrated solutions along the entire supply chain, has partnered with Retelit, choosing its JUST MES platform - a software suite for Industry 4.0 - for the digital factory of its major textile customers who currently use Incas' ANTARA TEXTILE module both in Italy and abroad.

Based in Vigliano Biellese (BI), Incas is a leading provider of innovative solutions and modular warehousing and logistics systems and is part of the world-leading SSI SCHÄFER Group.

For Incas’ customers - companies operating in the textiles and manufacturing sector across the world, from Italy to Mexico, Spain to Brazil, and which currently use the Antara Tessitura weaving monitoring system - Retelit’s JUST MES opens the doors to Industry 4.0, bringing significant business advantages through evolution in IoT, Machine Learning and Analytics. JUST MES can be installed on the hardware that Incas has already put in place.

Retelit's JUST MES is a platform that allows production machinery to connect to other departments, a set of software solutions that facilitate production management and control thanks to digitalisation in all processes. Its functionalities enable new product development, production planning and monitoring and control of production cycles. Its constituent modules can be configured and personalised, and are adaptable to the complexity and variety of the processes used throughout the manufacturing sector.

INCAS SSI SCHÄFER Customer Service Director Marco Piletta Massaro: “The Antara Tessitura software has reached end-of-life. It will be maintained for a time period in line with the contractual conditions agreed with customers, while new change requests will no longer be developed. Incas SSI SCHÄFER offers its customers continuity through this partnership with the Retelit Group, whose proprietary JUST MES software is a new and improved version at the cutting edge of technology. Its modularity and parameterisation potential mean it can be used as a revamp of the current Antara Tessitura. Incas’ decision to launch this partnership was informed by the Retelit Group’s years of experience with operation systems in the textile sector, which will ensure that the new software can be adapted to production processes and integrated into existing looms.”

Davide Giustina, Director of Retelit’s Industry 4.0 Business Unit: “This agreement will allow Incas’ customers currently using Antara Tessitura to benefit from JUST MES’ Industry 4.0 functionalities, which meet the highest market standards - without needing to modify the hardware already integrated into their machinery. By connecting ideas, people and machinery in continuous dialogue, we give our customers the opportunity to improve the quality of their work and to increase productivity, while simultaneously protecting the investment made with the Tessitura Antara software.”

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