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DATA4 chooses RETELIT to develop its digital campus in Milan

25 February 2016Press releases
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In line with the boom in cloud adoption in Italy, DATA4, European specialist in data center solutions, is continuing to invest in its Milan-based campus. With a total investment to date of 100 million euros since 2012, the campus occupies over 8 hectares and has developed 3 data centers totalling 6,800 m² of net technical space and 10 MW available IT power with plans to develop a further 7 data centers. To support the digital development of its Italian businesses, DATA4 has chosen the data service and infrastructures operator RETELIT to connect its Milan campus to the Milan metropolitan and Italian national networks, as well as beyond via the sub-sea cables that arrive in Italy from across the Mediterranean. The Group thus continues to make its vision of digital campuses a concrete reality, characterised by hyper-secure, ultra-connected data centers.

The digital economy and the internet have entered their third phase. After the internet of contents and the internet of people, today we are looking at the internet of things. The digitisation of the world, its companies and business will generate an exponential quantity of data to be archived and managed, which in turn will produce further data which will need to be made available to users in real time. By 2017, the consultancy company Sirmi envisages major growth of the Cloud market in Italy, which will reach almost 2 billion euros. The data center therefore constitutes a real cornerstone of the digital economy. In addition to being reliable, efficient and ultra-secure, the data center must be ultra-connected. Hence the development by the DATA4 Group of its digital campus, which makes it possible to protect data whilst making it readily available to its digital ecosystem. “Our aim is to exceed 100 million euros in turnover by 2020. DATA4 aims to become an important digital hub thanks to its interconnected campuses. Thanks to this ambitious project, which we can develop with the support of RETELIT, DATA4 will be able to extend the connectivity of its infrastructures to Italian networks to support the digital transformation of its clients”. Olivier MICHELI, CEO, DATA4 DATA4 invests in its campuses, entrusting important operators with the development of a connection infrastructure by which to connect its sites to the metropolitan, national and international networks. After the first stage in Paris, DATA4 has chosen RETELIT, the Italian operator, to face up to the challenge of high capacity connectivity. In order to strengthen the interconnection of its Cornaredo campus, just 7 km outside Milan, Via Caldera, to the national and European digital ecosystem, DATA4 will rely on the numerous international commercial agreements boasted by RETELIT on the wholesale market. The Italian telecommunications market is heading towards high-speed broadband, in a bid to continue improving the digital experience of the end user. In seeking ever greater security and higher performance, companies have a growing need for dedicated high-capacity fibre. Through a long-term partnership with RETELIT, DATA4 guarantees two major advantages for its clients: 1. Ultrabroadband interconnection services of infrastructure and dark fibre at highly competitive costs. 2. A digital exchange node, where companies will be able to interconnect and easily access various telecommunications operators. “It is very important for DATA4 to be able to deploy a huge dark fibre infrastructure and to make that available to its clients and TLC operators; this will constitute three hundred fibres, developed using two entirely different routes, so as to interconnect them to the data center and Carrier POP ecosystem in the Milan area. We are currently seeing a trend where customers prefer to purchase dark fibre circuits directly rather than services delivered on shared infrastructure”. Jerome TOTEL, VP Product Development Strategies and Sales Engineering, DATA4 “We are proud to be the Italian partner chosen for DATA4 and to help contribute towards their strategy and, jointly, to the digitisation of our country and companies’ businesses. Italian companies will be able to rely on our solid, high-performing infrastructure of networks to extend their own network and connect to the main interconnection points in Italy. Moreover, the DATA4 objective of connecting the campus up to the Mediterranean and beyond, will be supported by the participation Retelit boasts as consortium member in the international AAE-1 project, together with major international telecommunication operators. The project aims to construct a system of high-capacity, low-latency under-sea cables between the Mediterranean area and Hong Kong, going via Bari, which is already reached by the Retelit ultrabroadband network of which the DATA4 campus is a part”. Federico PROTTO, Chief Executive Officer of Retelit The DATA4 Group currently manages 13 data centers in three sites (France | Italy | Luxembourg), with a total surface of 22,000 m² of IT rooms and a power of 32MW, which can extend up to 115,000 m² thanks to the availability of vast areas (120 hectares) and a power of 193 MW. Retelit has a proprietary fibre optic network that runs for more than 9,000 kilometres, connects 9 metropolitan networks and 18 data centers throughout Italy. An infrastructure that also extends beyond national boundaries with a pan-European ring with POP in Frankfurt and London.
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