Retelit -

NextIP reduces the distance between companies and the Cloud by choosing Retelit as its strategic partner

13 January 2016Press releases
Retelit -

Starting today, multichannel cloud services will be even easier for companies to use, thanks to the partnership signed by NextIP, which operates in the contact-centre-as-a-service sector, and Retelit, one of Italy's foremost data and infrastructure service providers for the telecommunications market.

The integrated communication process for the channels voice, e-mail, fax, text messages, chat and video will made be even easier to use, more effective more and secure by the solid, extensive fibre-optic infrastructure offered by Retelit, a strategic ICT partner with a proprietary network of over 9,000 km covering Italy's major cities. Together, NextIP and Retelit can provide comprehensive, harmonious management of software services and telephone traffic, while ensuring excellent performance and continuity of service. "Our partnership with Retelit is part of NextIP's strategic development plan," explained Francesco Basili, NextIP's sole director, "which last year saw the company awarded ministerial authorisation to act as a telephone operator and is aimed at providing our clients with comprehensive communication service." "Our partnership with NextIP is part of our Smart Saas Program, aimed at promoting the adoption of cloud computing services in the corporate market," commented Federico Protto, Retelit's Managing Director. "By making our infrastructure available to companies that offer software-as-a-service solutions in support of business processes, we aim to create an ecosystem of companies that offer innovative application solutions to the market. Due above all to the nature of its business and role as a software house, NextIP is our ideal partner, in a scenario in which cloud applications have become an essential technological pillar."
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