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06 April 2016Price sensitive | Press releases

Filing of the 2015 annual report, the Corporate Governance report, the remuneration report and the illustrative reports of the Directors on the first, second and fourth matters on the agenda of the shareholders' meeting of April 28, 2016

The following documents have also been made available at the registered office of the company, on the website (Corporate Governance section) and on the 1INFO authorised storage mechanism at 1. Illustrative Reports and Directors’ proposals on the first, second and fourth matters on the Agenda of the Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting called for April 28, 2016; 2. The 2015 Corporate Governance and Ownership Structure Report, drawn up as per Article 123-bis of Legislative Decree No. 58/1998 (“CFA”); 3. The Remuneration Report, drawn up in accordance with Article 123-ter of the CFA.
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