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Retelit telecommunication services for Enerco Distribuzione

15 June 2016Press releases
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Enerco Distribuzione appoints Retelit to manage its telecommunication and security infrastructure A flexible, reliable solution - thanks to an ultra-broadband service - will ensure communication between the offices of the Venetian company, which will also benefit from a secure internet connection thanks to a virtual firewall service.

Enerco Distribuzione is Italy’s leading company in the design, supply, construction, start-up and management of the natural gas distribution networks, reaching the territories managed through a capillary network stretching for more than 800 km of pipes. The Group, which operates in both the provinces of Padua and Vicenza, has opted to use Retelit’s infrastructure for its business: the VPN MPLS ultra-broadband solution offered by the telecommunications operator will in fact be connecting the main offices of Enerco Distribuzione and in particular the Padua headquarters and the secondary branch. The service features high security standards and latest generation performance developed by Retelit and tailor-made to suit the specific demands of Enerco Distribuzione: the solution will not only connect the client’s offices, but also includes high capacity internet access associated with a customised service on virtual firewalls by way of a guarantee of an additional level of security. “The partnership with Retelit comes as part of Enerco Distribuzione’s strategic evolution programme”, Guido Casellato explains, CEO of Enerco Distribuzione. “We contacted Retelit, asking that it design and develop a customised, well-structured, reliable solution that would best fit with our business globalisation needs. With the technological solution offered by Retelit, our Italian business will also be strengthened and we are thus able to assure our users reliability and immediacy of response”. Enerco Distribuzione, which today already leads the sector in Italy, is progressively focussing its attention on the international markets like that of Libya and Central Asia. The strategic value of the solution designed by Retelit - an operator with consolidated experience on the international telecommunications market - is its future scalability: the network infrastructure designed for Enerco can in fact be extended on demand, to handle any future requests as may be made by the client, supporting the growth of the company’s business. “The network designed, with integrated internet access, has been built in such a way as to guarantee agility and security for the IT system and to help with the project to consolidate the technological infrastructure of Enerco”, Federico Protto explains, Retelit’s Chief Executive Officer. “We are proud to be the ICT infrastructural partner of Enerco Distribuzione and to add another oil & gas client to our portfolio. Retelit is the ideal partner for managing network infrastructures in a sector that, constantly affected by major changes and competitive pressure, demand secure, cutting-edge ICT technology".
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