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The Retelit tlc, housing and back-up services chosen by Panini, the world's most famous sticker collection publisher

05 October 2016Press releases
Retelit -

Panini, the time-honoured brand of football sticker collections, has chosen Retelit to develop a broadband network between its branches, for archiving solutions, as well as back-up and storage.

Panini is an Italian company that boasts an incredible history: since 1961, the brand that produced the first ever Footballers collection has never stopped evolving, making it the international group it is today, with offices in Europe, the USA and Latin America. With a workforce in excess of 1000 employees, turnover of 529 million and distribution in more than 110 different countries, Panini has chosen Retelit to guarantee quick, efficient communication between its Milan and Modena offices and our data centre in Bologna. The technological solution prepared by Retelit for Panini allows the publishing group to exploit private connections and the internet at greater speeds, thanks to a latest-generation ultrabroadband connectivity service. And these service levels and performance also significantly improve the network browsing experience for employees, as well as generally increasing operative efficiency, with the possibility of also enabling innovative applications. “We have been chosen as supplier to one of Italy, indeed the World’s most important publishing groups: we have been able - by using our technological infrastructure - to offer Panini a tailor-made solution that is secure and reliable, in a short space of time and with relatively limited development costs”, comments Federico Protto, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Retelit. “The offer, based on our telecommunication solutions, met perfectly with their needs: the housing and cloud storage services are supplied directly through our proprietary assets, in particular by one of our premium data centres.” The infrastructural solution prepared for Panini may potentially be extended and expanded upon if required, to support an increase in traffic generated by the company without lengthy, costly, invasive interventions on the business operations. New offices can also be added by simply interconnecting the sites to the existing architecture via fibre optic. In addition to this solution, evolved housing services are also supplied within the highly-reliable, ISO 27001-certified Retelit-owned data centres, and cloud storage solutions for data back-up. All this managed and guaranteed end-to-end by a dedicated customer care unit.
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