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Retelit and BICS launch new premium route to Europe through Italy for AAE-1 submarine cable system

07 March 2017Press releases

Innovative high quality solution improves backhaul diversity and latency between Europe and Asia

Retelit, a leading provider of infrastructure and data services, and BICS, a global international communications enabler, have today announced an innovative joint connectivity solution that will bridge Europe, via Bari in Italy, to Singapore and Hong Kong through the AAE-1 subsea cable system. Combining their respective infrastructures across Italy and Europe, Retelit and BICS have developed a new backhaul product, managed end-to-end and using premium diverse routes, to satisfy high capacity and low latency connectivity demand from Asia, the Middle East and Africa to Europe through Retelit’s AAE-1 Italian landing in Bari. By partnering with BICS, a world-class player in connectivity, Retelit is boosting the interoperability of the AAE-1 route. The new solution enables AAE-1 submarine cable users to be connected seamlessly through Bari to Milan, Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, Paris and other key European locations, with an end-to-end solution with premium SLA and the lowest latency in the market. Through this agreement, Retelit demonstrates full commitment to infrastructure development in Italy, with the aim of strengthening the quality and potential of their product and services offering. "Our partnership with BICS confirms the validity of our investment in the AAE-1 consortium, as well as the strength and efficiency of our infrastructure network. Through this unique solution, AAE-1 consortium members will benefit from a greater return on investment as well as increased opportunities for their business. Bari has proved to be an attractive route as an alternative hub, providing greater capacity and connecting Europe and Asia with minimal latency,” said Federico Protto, CEO of Retelit. BICS relies on 19 submarine cables to support its global connectivity network. Maintaining a high-level of customer service continues to be a priority for the company. By channeling traffic through Retelit’s landing station in southern Italy, BICS will now offer customers a complementary high value entry point into Europe, in a bid to strengthen its Europe-to-Asia backbone and provide its mobile customers with the most diverse and high-performing connectivity in the market. Daniel Kurgan, CEO of BICS, said: “BICS is committed to providing operators from around the globe with an extensive connectivity offering. There is growing demand for capacity from end-users and BICS is constantly striving to maintain a fully diverse and protected network. Our partnership with Retelit is a perfect illustration of our approach to improve our footprint and the quality of service delivered to our customers.”
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