09 March 2017

Retelit strongly focuses on Hyperconvergence for top quality IaaS

Guaranteeing extreme scalability and leveraging on Hyperconvergence technology, Retelit launches a flexible solution capable of adapting to the real needs of clients, thanks to advanced Iaas virtualisation services

High reliability, scalability and simplicity are the hallmarks of Retelit’s new Infrastructure as a Service package of services. Based on Hyperconvergence technology, the solutions offer businesses technologically advanced infrustructure - with integrated tiering, protection, recovery and automation functionalities - although for an extremely small outlay.

Amid an economic and industrial environment which increasingly requires businesses to react to sudden changes, new production workloads and an increasingly broad range of hardware and software, Retelit’s solution allows optimised management of IT infrastructure at a reduced cost.

In this scenario, Hyperconvergence can be a strategic and winning choice, transforming faster how business is done.

Backed up by 15 data centers and a fiber optic network stretching across the country, the new Retelit Hyperconvergence services enable customers to outsource their IT infrastructure, benefitting therefore from cutting-edge and high quality services.

Thanks to Retelit’s virtual data center in fact, customers may use all services “as a service”, without personally getting involved in management of the VPN network, storage, connectivity and data security.
With a single contact person and an integrated offer, the company’s approach to IT will certainly be quicker and more flexible, guaranteeing improved business reactivity and faster responses to internal and market changes.

In terms of disaster recovery, backup and data recovery, the support offered by Retelit ensures very high protection levels including replication among sites - enabling continuity of operations (even where entire portions of the data center become unavailable) - the recovery of mission critical systems and advanced business continuity and duplication options.

“The solution which we have identified is undoubtedly cutting-edge and enables also medium-sized businesses to handle the changing and obsolescence of industrial processes, without excessive cost and the worry of managing existing resources. We host the systems of our clients on Hyperconvergence machines and technologies, ensuring the highest reliability and performance for virtual machines. We can guarantee therefore computing capacity, RAM and storage integratable step by step according to the company’s needs, alongside existing infrastructure and with native protection, replication and optimisation functionalities, ensuring adequate service and security levels for company applications” stated Enrico Mondo, COO of Retelit.

Thanks in fact to the major flexibility of Retelit’s technology, existing resources can co-exist and be integrated into this new environment, gradually utilising the hyper-converged infrastructure during the normal replacement cycles.

The offer becomes even more appealing, also in a private environment, when envisaged as a valid alternative to the telco proposal, thanks to a network infrastructure along state roads - and not on motorway backbones - guaranteeing therefore further coverage.

“Our added value lies in our ability to offer both horizontal and vertical integration. Horizontal as the infrastructure and technology chain is entirely managed by Retelit, thanks to fiber/copper components, data centers and IaaS platforms. Virtual as we cover also the higher service level, benefitting from strategic commercial partnerships for the client from both a technological and financial viewpoint” concluded Mondo.
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