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Italy moving at 200 Gbps with Retelit: Rome and Milan have never been better connected

01 June 2018Press releases
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The two cities are now connected at very high speeds by a 200 Gbps and double track system - one on the Apennine backbone and another on the Tyrrhenian backbone - thanks to Retelit’s proprietary fiber optic infrastructure, for a total capacity of 20Tbps. Metropolitan extension project to 200 Gbps between the main Milan and Rome Data Centers completed.

Retelit has just completed the first 200 Gbps backbone in Italy, connecting Rome and Milan: more than 1,000 kilometers without regeneration - at very high speeds and low latency - through a redundant and diversified proprietary infrastructure. The Nation’s capital and that of Lombardy are connected through an initial route, via Florence and Bologna, and a diversified backup route on the Tyrrhenian backbone, passing through Turin, Alessandria, Genoa and Livorno, for a total of more than 1,000 kilometers, in the absence of which regeneration points would be needed. The system, capable of exceeding 20 Terabits per second of total capacity, ensures fully reliable and safe continuity of service. The 200 Gpbs transmission technology was introduced also in metropolitan and urban areas to complete the project: not only the Retelit Rome and Milan Data Centers are connected at very high speeds, but also all strategic Data Centers in the two areas of Equinix, Data4, Supernap, Aruba and the via Caldera hub in Milan, the Namex and the “Tecnopolo Tiburtino” in Rome. “In 2013 we were the first to adopt better performing and faster innovative technologies, introducing the 100 Gbps commercial connection between Rome and Milan - while today we are proud to announce another first. Our system is the first to operate at 200 Gbps in Italy connecting a much extended route, for a total capacity in excess of 20 Tbps. Our customers, domestic and international operators on the one hand and businesses on the other, can now rely on a 200 Gbps transmission network, fully availing of the power of fiber optics with the 200 Gbps commercial service. Such speeds support ultra-broadband applications in the spheres of IoT, Big Data, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and ultra HD video services. This latest achievement will make businesses choosing us even more competitive”, stated Federico Protto, Chief Executive Officer of Retelit. Underpinning this milestone for the Retelit backbone - the first at 200 Gbps in Italy between Milan and Rome - is the latest generation cutting-edge Multi-Long Haul HIT 7300 Coriant technology and Retelit’s highest quality fiber optics. The system has successfully passed extensive sessions of stringent technical tests on the two routes, whose latencies are the lowest both on the Apennine and Tyrrhenian sections. The Group is already forecasting testing of the next development step - the 400 Gbps system - by year-end.
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