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Retelit and Huawei join forces to support businesses on their digital transformation

09 October 2018Press releases

Combined cloud network and technologies environment created to optimise infrastructural investment and capture digital business Partnership uniting the best of the Private and Public Clouds and Connectivity services today presented in Milan in support of businesses creating and managing multicloud infrastructure and applications to meet the challenges of the future

Retelit, among the leading Italian providers of data and infrastructural services and Huawei, a global ICT sector leader, today presented in Milan an innovative high-performing solution to support businesses on their Digital Transformation, fully leveraging the multicloud paradigm.  The technical and commercial partnership was outlined at a press conference organised at the Bou-Tek space in Milan, attended by the Chief Executive Officer of Retelit, Federico Protto, and the Huawei Italia CEO, Thomas Miao.

The cloud offer brought on stream by the two businesses combines the technology and innovation of Huawei in the IT and Cloud environment and the advanced connectivity services and Data Center solutions of Retelit.  

It unifies technological networks and platforms, breaking down the barriers between the private and public clouds and traditional infrastructure, enabling businesses  to create and manage multiple infrastructures and applications in a flexible manner.  The Huawei platform in addition supports innovative technologies such as the Internet of Things and 5G, enabling the launch of vertical services such as Connected Cars, Smart City, Industry 4.0, Remote Health, Surveillance, etc.
This is a unique platform managing hybrid cloud solutions on an end-to-end basis, including the cloud services at Retelit’s data centers, the traditional outsourcing of infrastructure, the public cloud provided by suppliers such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft and thus bringing on stream a broad range of IT services models and maximum flexibility. 

The objective is to assist companies in: 
simplifying the management of IT infrastructure and applications, making the business and its workflows agile and efficient, through a secure and scalable IT infrastructure capable of ensuring full integration and accessibility of resources, the migration of applications to the cloud, the creation of cloud native applications and avoiding lock-in vendor risks
overcoming the challenges arising during the Digital Transformation process and permitting them to reap the business benefits deriving from, for example, automation, cost optimisation, the launch of innovative digital services, the creation of new business models etc.. 

The winning factor of the solution is its “open ecosystem” approach, which on the one hand is a feature of Huawei cloud solutions (based on market leading technologies such as FusionServer, OceanStor Storage hardware and FusionCloud software, developed on OpenStack, of which Huawei is one of the largest contributors), and on the other Retelit infrastructure and connectivity solutions which, also thanks to the provision of SD-WAN services, are increasingly focused on full integration on a multicloud basis.  
According to the latest surveys carried out by the Milan Polytechnic Research Center on the cloud, in Italy, in 2017 10% of major businesses were already experimenting with a multicloud approach, and with this trend on the up.  Huawei and Retelit’s partnership targets a potential market which in 2019 will be worth over Euro 820 million, principally comprising traditional medium/large enterprises and “post start-up phase” enterprises interested in solutions which combine infrastructure, connectivity and platforms.  

Federico Protto, Chief Executive of Retelit therefore stated: “We are very proud of the solution brought on stream with Huawei as it is perfectly in line with our vision of ICT as a Service as a key element of the business model of enterprises successfully taking on the Digital Transformation. Retelit for some time has focused its strategy on Software-Defined, Hyperconvergent and Cloud native solutions, to guarantee maximum flexibility for the infrastructure and to provide services without technological restrictions, benefitting from the new server-less infrastructural paradigms.  The project developed with Huawei adds an important aspect to this strategy and allows us to position Retelit on the market as an unmatched partner capable of integrating top quality networks and cloud technologies into a high-performing solution.  We are in fact creating a unique ecosystem in Italy capable of aggregating innovative hubs into a “combined” environment of cloud networks and technologies to support the development of new business applications, 5G services and the IoT.”
Thomas Miao, CEO of Huawei Italia, stated:”We are delighted that the fruitful collaboration with Retelit has resulted in the creation of an innovative and highly-performing solution.  With the advance of an intelligent world, the cloud is a necessary aspect for the digitalisation of the sector:  Huawei has solid technological foundations and extensive cloud services experience, therefore allowing it to provide customers with open cloud services and offline services across the world in a reliable manner.  Today’s agreement is a step forward on the path to creating a strong ecosystem which will allow Italian businesses to become more digitalised and efficient and Italian cities to become smarter, through the adoption of the cloud.  Thanks to thirty years of investment in research and development, Huawei has allocated significant resources to cloud platforms to satisfy the demands of customers and to become a trusted partner in their digital transformation.”

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