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Retelit chosen by a Top Player for the provision of guaranteed broadband connectivity

23 October 2018Press releases

Transport solution provided on Retelit’s 200 Gbps ultra-broadband infrastructure linking the Italian points of presence of the OTT with the Italian and European Internet eXchanges

Retelit, a leading Italian provider of data services and infrastructure, has signed an agreement with a major OTT (Over The Top) for the provision of very high speed connectivity to connect the customer’s points of presence in Italy to the main Italian and European Internet eXchanges.  

The transport and connectivity solution provided by Retelit was designed to support the continual growth of the player’s Internet traffic volumes, guaranteeing the complete diversification of network paths and therefore transmission service continuity and reliability.   

Thanks to Retelit’s proprietary comprehensive fiber optic network, the main European and domestic telecommunication hubs are reachable at high speed; in addition, Retelit’s 200 Gbps technology in Italy and, in particular, at the Open Hub Med, Sicily Hub and at Bari - critical points for traffic from and to Asia and the cable landing station of the AAE-1 submarine fiber cable system - guarantee scalability for the customer’s future needs in the highly-strategic Mediterranean region.

Federico Protto, Chief Executive Officer of Retelit, stated regarding the news: “The agreement confirms the excellent quality of Retelit’s connectivity services and, in particular, of the recently launched 200 Gbps platform. We are now recognised for the international scale of our network and our significant flexibility in designing ICT solutions.   Our strategy focuses on building a connections ecosystem which allows operators, the OTT’s, the Service Providers and, more generally, all players managing and moving significant quantities of data, to grow and penetrate domestically, but also go beyond Italy’s borders and, using Retelit’s international network, connect to the main European PoP’s (including Paris, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam), extending their footprint also to the Middle East and to Asia thanks to the AAE-1 cable.”

Retelit makes this announcement at the STAR Conference organised in London on October 23 by Borsa Italiana and dedicated to listed STAR segment companies, international investors and the entire financial community, and at Capacity Europe, Europe’s main telecommunications industry event, scheduled for London between October 23 and 25.  The events, attended by the company’s Top Management, will feature the presentation of its latest developments and the company’s growth plans. 

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