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Retelit connects to Italy’s Internet eXchanges with the Remote Peering service

22 February 2018Press releases
Retelit -

Faster transmission speeds and streamlined costs delivered by the Retelit Remote Peering service to be extended within a year across Europe

Retelit, a leading telecommunications sector data services and infrastructure player, leveraging on the comprehensive coverage of its fiber optic network throughout Italy and partnerships put in place with all of the major transit points on the peninsula, announces the launch of the Remote Peering service with the major Italian Internet eXchanges, including the: - Milan Internet eXchange (MiX) - Nautilus Mediterranean eXchange (NaMeX) - TOrino Piemonte Internet eXchange (TOP-IX) - VSIX Nap of the North East Thanks to the Retelit network and the Remote Peering solution, Retelit customers can reach the high speed and low latency IX’s (Internet eXhanges). Retelit customers - domestic and international operators and the 19 companies of the AAE-1 Consortium - can therefore easily extend their presence in Italy, reaching all of the main exchange points by relying on a single supplier and therefore reducing transport costs to the transit points. Service Providers, Operators and OTT’s may, in addition, go beyond Italy’s borders and, using Retelit’s international network, connect to the main European PoP’s (including Paris, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam), extending their footprint also to the Middle East and to Asia thanks to the AAE-1 cable. “Connecting our customers to the Italian Internet eXchanges thanks to a Remote Peering solution is only the first step of a much broader strategy”, stated Federico Protto, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Retelit. “We plan, in fact, by 2018 to do the same with the main European exchanges, where we are already active with PoP’s (Points of Presence). Our objective is to create an ecosytem of connections which permits operators, OTT’s and Service Providers to grow and penetrate the country. Thanks to our Italian proprietary network, our customers can reach - in addition to the IX’s - also Sicily where we are present on the Open Hub Med, Sicily Hub and Bari telecommunication hubs, critical points for traffic from and to Asia and the cable landing station of the AAE-1 submarine fiber cable system. All these aspects further highlight our centrality to not only the Italian telco and internet providers ecosystem network. In this environment of simultaneous digital economy and data traffic global growth, a network with an international footprint is fundamental for development”. At a technical level, the Remote Peering service permits internet traffic exchange between networks without the need for a physical presence at the transit points, but by leveraging on an MPLS - Multiprotocol Label Switching network - made available by a service provider, such as Retelit, connecting the customer to the IX’s of interest. “The Remote Peering solution lowers transport and co-location costs, creating a more economically advantageous, flexible, safe and fast service”, stated Luca Cardone, Marketing Manager of Retelit. “Our customers in fact will incur only the cost for the traffic which they really need and the service provider will become for them a single point of contact. This translates into a major reduction in charges and of red tape with the Internet eXchanges and into the benefit of having, in addition, a single SLA end-to-end”.
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