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Retelit expands its international network with new routes in Asia and Europe

05 March 2018Press releases
Retelit -

The new connections further strengthen the operators consolidated international presence with the AAE-1 fiber optic submarine cable route. The Italian operator will launch the new routes at Capacity Middle East 2018 in Dubai.

Retelit, a leading Italian provider of data and infrastructure services to the telecommunications market, extends its international network with 160 Gbps of new capacity in Asia and in Europe. The new routes support those already operative on the AAE-1 submarine cable, whose 25,000 KM connect three continents (Asia, Africa and Europe), from Marseilles to Hong Kong, in addition to the Pan-european routes. The projects by the Italian carrier concern the opening of new diversified routes for the Mediterranean and Far East. In particular, Retelit strengthens its presence in Asia with a new direct connection between Singapore and Hong Kong, diversifying from the corresponding segment already in place through the AAE-1 submarine cable, in the Mediterranean with a ring between Sicily and Greece (in particular between Palermo and Athens) and, finally, diversifying the end to end section from Italy to the Far East, with an additional direct connection between Palermo and Singapore. Retelit’s increasingly comprehensive international presence will therefore permit businesses, operators and OTT’s to connect with the main European, Asian and Middle Eastern cities in a safe secure and, particularly, redundant manner, thanks to the operator’s integrated solutions which secure restoration and backup of data between the sections reached. “Our infrastructure and our connections on the three continents reached - stated Federico Protto, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Retelit - connects Europe, through Southern Italy, with the areas in the world of greatest demographic, industrial and technological development. In this environment, Italy is increasingly a strategic meeting point for data traffic flows from the Far East, the Middle East and Africa to Europe, and vice versa. The true challenge is to make these hubs attractive, with returns generated for the entire country, by creating infrastructural and commercial conditions which support investment by those transporting massive quantities of content and Internet traffic, from major International Carriers to the so-called OTT’s (Over the Tops)”. “Between March 6 and 8, 2018 at Capacity Middle East of Dubai, an event bringing together the major International Telecommunication sector players in the region - stated Giuseppe Sini, Head of Retelit International Business Unit - we will present to the international community of operators the new positioning of our international network, which permits the extension of our portfolio of connectivity services for operators and multinationals, supporting the coming together of two digital economies - that of Asia and that of Europe. In particular, the expansion of the network with connections to the Mediterranean and the Far East from Sicily further backs up the strategic correctness of focusing on Southern Italy as the principal traffic hub for the Mediterranean begun with the AAE-1 investment, the building of the Bari landing station and participation in the Open Hub Med consortium in Palermo”. Retelit therefore even further consolidates its position as an International Carrier, boasting a network which connects, in addition, 70 data centers, among which four in Asia and, on the basis of partnerships and agreements with international telecommunication operators, connects 10 countries in Europe.
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