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11 December 2019Press releases

An Italian platform supporting business and smart city IoT projects through integrating Retelit’s Multicloud and Eurotech's Everyware IoT

The future of innovation for companies and cities centres on the Internet of things, automation and robotics and Retelit, the Italian digital transformation services leader, and Eurotech, an enterprise designing, developing and providing solutions, services, hardware and software for the Internet of Things, have therefore signed a partnership to create an integrated system of applications and infrastructure to develop connected-things projects. 

On the one hand, Retelit’s Multicloud, which with its extensive marketplace of products, solutions and applications can dynamically and comprehensively meet the demands of business customers. It is in fact an Italian infrastructural solution which combines Hybrid Cloud solutions on an end-to-end basis, including the Cloud services at its Data Centers, the traditional outsourcing of infrastructure and the Public Cloud provided by leading suppliers such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. 

On the other hand, Everyware IoT, Eurotech’s platform to manage IoT projects for many vertical sectors.  The platform, based on open source systems, ensures flexibility and inter-operability, avoids the typical limitations of proprietary solutions and is capable of providing all that necessary to develop IoT applications to speed up time to market and integrate company applications, providing systems to remotely manage field devices, boosting efficiency and production and operations processes, in addition to the infrastructure’s flexibility and its safety in collecting and sending data. 

The idea underlying the partnership between Retelit and Eurotech is to offer businesses a platform - through the Multicloud marketplace - to allow them to innovate and support their business through IoT smart instruments, devices and solutions to be integrated with applications to create Big Data and Machine Learning projects.  
Artificial intelligence, robotics and more generally Industry 4.0 is laying the foundations to create innovative opportunities across all sectors, while technological development is uncontrollable and unstoppable”, stated Federico Protto, Chief Executive Officer of Retelit. “In addition to Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data applications - already existing in our marketplace - we now also integrate Eurotech’s platform in order to support the creation and management of IoT-based projects, both in the industrial area and for smart cities for the Public Administration.  We have chosen Eurotech as a partner, a company with over 25 years experience on the technology market and consistently proposing cutting-edge digital transformation solutions. The Everyware IoT platform in particular can integrate sensors of all types and, thanks to the assets owned by Retelit, enable any transport technology from fiber to 5G. Thanks in fact to our Multicloud platform - together with comprehensive Group distribution across the country - it will be possible to build, in addition, solutions which extend as far as edge computing in Italy’s major cities.

We are delighted to have signed this partnership with Retelit: thanks to this agreement, Retelit has created a real ecosystem of solutions and infrastructure for the Internet of Things and for the digital transformation of businesses”, stated Roberto Siagri, Chief Executive Officer of Eurotech. “With the addition to Retelit’s infrastructure of Eurotech’s Everyware IoT components, customers have an Edge-to-Cloud offer available which responds to the most stringent security demands and allows for the simple and low-cost development of IoT applications across many vertical markets: from industry to Smart Cities, for private businesses and the Public Administration”. 

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