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Retelit to take part in the European MidCap Event in Frankfurt on February 11

11 February 2020Press releases

Retelit S.p.A. (MTA: LIT.MI), Italian leader in constructing tailor-made digital transformation projects, executed on entirely Group-managed platforms, listed on the STAR segment of the Italian Stock Exchange, attends the European MidCap Event in Frankfurt scheduled for today February 11.

The event, co-organized by Intermonte SIM, offers the opportunity to more than 100 investors to have one-hour one-to-one meetings with excelling Italian enterprises with major growth potential.  

The event will be attended by Retelit Management, including Marco Calzolari, Group Controller and Head of Corporate Development and the IR Advisor Vincenza Colucci of CDR Communication.

The European MidCap Event in Frankfurt is an opportunity to present the new Retelit, arising from the closing of the full acquisition of Partners Associates S.p.A. ("PA Group"), allowing it to even more lead the ICT services sector in Italy, with an expanded and diversified offer both in terms of infrastructure and value-added services. 

The solutions that the new entity will be able to offer shall cut across many sectors, including Cyber Security, Multicloud, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, CRM, ERP, System Integration and Data Center, but also vertically by individual markets, from Healthcare, Automotive, Retail, Finance and Public Sector services. 

Finally, on this occasion, Management will also consider the offer to purchase 100% of the share capital of Brennercom, the ICT and TLC provider based in Bolzano, market leader on the Munich-Tyrol-Milan axis, with solutions in fiber optics, data centers and latest-generation telephone exchanges, among others. 

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