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14 April 2021Press releases
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Retelit, the Italian leader in fiber-optic infrastructure and digital transformation projects, has collaborated with the Municipal Council of Polcenigo, in the province of Pordenone, to create a fiber-optic connection project in the region. Making use of FTTH technology, the project reaches from the San Giovanni industrial area to the centre of the town and other bordering conurbations.

Through its subsidiary InAsset, the Retelit Group has worked in the area for a number of years, developing its cable infrastructure in strategic structures. This involved the works required to lay fiber-optic cabling, install equipment and set the project in motion. The Municipal Council of Polcenigo contributed to this work by, among other things, allowing public lighting cable ducts to be used for fiber-optic cables, and assisting Retelit in carrying out administrative practicalities.

As of today, nearly 300 connection contracts have been activated by both private and business customers. These include a number of businesses that have decided to continue or establish production in Polcenigo thanks to the availability of a fiber-optic network. Among these are Fred Jerbis, a producer of Made in Italy liquors and spirits, Palazzo Fullini-Zaia, a prestigious historic building in the foothills of the Julian Prealps on the edge of the Cansiglio Forest, Sm Interiors, a partner in the technical design and development of naval, civil and hotel furnishing projects, and La Loggia Coworking, the first design-oriented coworking space in the province of Pordenone.

In the nearby industrial area the various businesses connected include one of the main plants of the Cimolai Group, an international company working in the design, supply and installation of complex steel structures for industrial, civil, military, naval and oil & gas engineering purposes.

There has been a great deal of talk recently about Smart Cities and Smart Communities, those cities that integrate technology with social elements to guarantee local economic development, and which generate fantastic opportunities for local businesses,” says Federico Protto, CEO of Retelit. “The Polcenigo model is certainly a move in that direction, and provides a great example for other towns and cities across Italy - those small urban centres that make up 70% of the country - which can benefit from new impetus and improved prospects. This is all made possible by a collaborative relationship between the Public Administration, businesses and operators”.

Mario Della Toffola, mayor of Polcenigo, added: “Since its first year in office, the Municipal Council of Polcenigo has sought to overcome the problems created by the digital gap. During the challenging months of lockdown, many people and families were forced to work remotely, through smart working, agile working, video conferences and webinars. This came in addition to the needs of schools to provide both real-time and individual online teaching. The stable, wide-band fiber-optic connections using FTTH architecture that the Retelit Group has been able to guarantee through InAsset have ensured a specific, concrete response to the needs of the local population and those resident by necessity in Polcenigo. Distance working and teaching continue to be utilised even today, as do entertainment platforms such as Netflix, Twitch and Disney, all without significant difficulties".

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